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General situation of party construction

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Party group of CETC implements earnestly the order of “enhancing and improving party construction and developing political core role of party organization in state-owned enterprise in the spirit of reform and innovation,” issued by general sectary Xi Jinping, makes great efforts to explore effective path of transforming the unique advantage of party construction into developing and competing strength in state-owned enterprise. Holding tightly the core bond of people, CETC devotes to build the road and bridge combined with organic fusion and mutual-promotion between party construction work and core work. According to the principles of “quantities, assessable, effective, and improvement-focused”, CETC carefully constructs pattern of quantization and effectiveness system of party construction, and promotes party construction keeping pace with state-owned enterprise reform.

The general frame of pattern of quantization and effectiveness system of party construction involves revolving around the one goal of building the enterprise group which is prominent in China and outstanding around the world, enhancing “five major constructions” of party’s ideological development, organizational development, attitude development, anti-corruption development and system development,  taking “five strives and establishes” of seven good leading group, seven good party organization, seven good department, seven good party member, and seven good stuff, by which CETC provides “nine major guarantees” of thought leading, attitude formation, base construction, cadre personnel, talent support driving system, internal control supervision, culture coherence and mass and youth league force to core work.

The implement of pattern of quantization and effectiveness system of party construction establishes general criteria and yardstick of the of party construction system’s practice in CETC, makes use of party organization organized, systematize and specific, ensures party group and party committee playing the roles of leading core in controlling direction, dominating overall situation, guaranteeing practicing, and of political core in participating judgment, taking the lead of implement, effectively supervision, pushing grass-root party organization taking part in battle fort  in promoting developing, severing the masses, cohering public feeling, promoting harmony, party members taking part in pioneer model in keeping the purpose in mind, holding hearts of the masses, basing the posts, striving for career, and  strongly advances development of CETC fast and sustainably.  In nearly years, CETC main business income and average annual profit growth increase by 20%, and gains 11 level A and 3 level A of term assessment in the check of central enterprise leaders’ operational performance launched by SASAC.

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