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Xiong Qunli:Bring the Faith of Adhering to the Communist Party of China to Our Company’s Reform & Development

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After the north area, from 24th-25th, Nov, CETC held research forum on party’s building of east China area in Shanghai. Party Secretary, Chairman Xiong Qunli, party group member, head of discipline inspection group Mao Yuanjian and party leaders and secretaries of committee for discipline inspection of 14 member units attended the forum. Related departments of headquarters, development strategy research center and the leaders of the first inspection group also attended the forum.

In the forum, the spirit of the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee was conveyed; “Communist Party of China’s integrity and self-discipline guidelines” and “Disciplinary measures of the Chinese Communist Party”were learned.

Xiong Qunli talked about his understanding about the study of the spirit of the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, each member unit reported the scientific research and production, rectification situation about the problem feed back during inspection and audit, the carry out of the three real special education and opinions and suggestions about CETC’s reform and development.

During the session, Xiong Qunli interacted with each other, communicating on some questions in detail. When he heard most of the units performing well on scientific research and production and were expected to over fulfill the annual target,he gave a nod of that. Especially when he heard that Zhong Kexin (58th institute)make progress on operation, Xiong Qunli confirmed the encouraging change, and at the same time encouraged them to continue to improve. About the difficulties met by 53th institute during moving, Xiong Qunli encouraged to see that moving was people-oriented and gave the suggestion and measures to solve the problem.

The participants also discussed three topics including “Fully implement the strict requirements of the Party, implement the two responsible for the construction of a clean and honest government; the practice and thinking of the innovative development of the party building work””How to play the political core role of the Party committee to promote the development of CETC””the practice and thinking of Party secretary implementing the first person of the party building work; team members implementing the party building work.

When they discussed the focus issue of “group control model”, Xiong Qunli emphatically elaborated:”the group’s control to member units, including strategic control, financial control, operation control, according to the characteristics of our group, we adopt the model of strategic control, mainly reflected in five aspects:

The first, planning management and control, is the control to development objective and direction of the member units.

The second, control of main business is the control to orientation and development direction of main business of subsidiary member units.

The third, control of major assets. The asset management, investment and  distribution of member units need to be controlled by CETC group。

The fourth, control of talent team. Stick to the principle of party management, and the appointment of cadres should be controlled by CETC group.

The fifth, control of ideological and cultural construction. The ideological and cultural construction is the base and pilot problem. CETC group’s control for ideal and discipline is very important.

After the report and discussion, Xiong Qunli gave full affirmation to development and party building work of the east area. He had strong feeling that the development of our group had deep foundation of ideology, organization and cadre. He had full confidence that CETC group performed its duties and truly became the material and political basis of the Communist party and our country.

About the 13th five-year plan of CETC group, Xiong Qunli said the group would make arrangement according to central spirit. The key point was that we not only built the company of excellent domestic and first-class international, but also made the company assuring to the party and the people and made it the world famous company of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Xiong Qunli emphasized, at the present stage of development, the most import for CETC was to build the overall competitiveness and contribution. We should give highly concern to our group’s contribution to our country, our nation, our economy, our industry and even the world.

Xiong Qunli said, Party leadership and Party building was not only a traditional topic, but also a new topic in the new situation. That the state-owned enterprise strengthened Party leadership was right and proper. The forms of Party leadership were different in different enterprises. Party committee mainly played a role of political core and reflected the Party’s leadership in diversified forms.

Xiong Qunli pointed out, that the enterprise’s reform and development was the work of the Party. To assure the implement of the Party’s policy, we should strengthen the ideological building, culture building, organization building and work style building of cadres and workers.

Xiong Qunli emphasized, the core of Party building was ideological and culture building. We should integrate faith, loyalty to Party and the purpose of serving the people to organization and ideology and action of cadres and workers. The main work of Party organization building was to integrate the Party’s organization to every link of our enterprise and to operation of the whole enterprise, especially to reflect the Party’s existence in key link.

Xiong Qunli also discussed about the “Three-importance” system.

About the seminar, Mao Yuanjian proposed four requirements:

First, profoundly and fully understand the necessity and urgency of the Party exercising control over itself and tightening up Party’s internal management. Cadres from different levels, must adhere to the main responsibility of enhancing Party’ internal management. We should dare to rule, strictly rule and long-time rule, to create an environment with unity and harmony. Manage the Party according to the regulation. Put more emphasis on the building of strengthening discipline. Comply with the Party Constitution, fear the Party and strictly comply with the political discipline and rules.

Second, exercise strict discipline and rules. Create loyal and responsible leadership team, practically be responsible for managing and governing the Party. The cadres should be loyal, clean and responsible.

Third, put the starting point and foothold of Party building to our group’s reform and development to make sure our group playing a leading role in the national economy.

Fourth, strengthen the rectification work found during the patrol.  Strict obey the time node, learn by analogy to rectify the problem. Combine handling the matter with bringing people to account. Strengthen the building of long-term mechanism.

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