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Leaders of CETC came to the Point of Contact to Guide The Third“Three Stricts and Three Steadies”Seminar

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November 12, Xiong Qunli, the Chairman of CETC, Party group Secretary and Fan Youshan, president, Vice Party group Secretary came to Telecom Business Unit in Shijiazhuang, HeBei Province, WuXi Micro Electronics Research Center (58th Institute of CETC), guided the third seminar of“ Three Stricts and Three Steadies” in the Point of Contact.

The Party Group Members‘ Point of Contact is the important work item of CETC Party Group, implementing the requirement of running the Party strictly called by the Central Committee, based on the practice of the company. Each of the Point of Contact is set early in each year, taking turns every three years to achieve full coverage. Both top-down leadership and communication are stressed.

The third seminar of“Three Strict and Three Steadies” is an important initiative to carry out the direction stated by Central Committee and deployment by the Party Group of CETC. The seminar focused on “Strictly restrained power-using; Being steady in planning matters, starting undertakings and conducting oneself; Establishing image of honesty, purity and reliability”.

Leaders from various organizations set the examples, shared the understandings, analyzed the problems and clarified the next-steps, with a good result of mind-purifying and inspiration-arousing.

“This seminar has a great atmosphere and is fruitful for everyone. The Business Unit invited leaders from different member entities, which laid well foundation for the next step seminars would be held by the latter.

Xiong Qunli fully acknowledged the achievements of the seminar and the successful operation of the Telecom Business Unit, and made the assertions and requirements from following four sides:

First, the seminar is sufficiently prepared and practical.

A lot of participants related themselves with the realities of their entities, the analysis is specific, the attitude is serious, and organization is standard. The seminar is very successful. While, we should notice the end of this seminar does not mean the end of the educational activities. The key to assess whether it is effective is to see the result of the reform and development and the problem fixing. We should transform the spirit of”Three Stricts and Three Steadies” into actions to enhance the vitality, control and influence in the telecom field for the business unit. From this respect, “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” is our thinking energy.

Second, the operation of the Telecom Business Unit is satisfactory, in line with the expectation.

From Telecom Business Unit’s founding till now, there has been a develop plan, with certain proper organization and management. It has basically initiated voice as a first-level organization, which proves CETC’s concept of “Three-level Structure, Two-layer Operation” is right and reinforces the confidence to promote development mode of the module-oriented business unit and subsidiary group.

Third, a good plan is the basis of a steady development of an undertaking.

The Telecom Business Unit has had the first draft plan done. The plan still needs further thoughts, specifications, clarification of taking the military telecom as the core business, the military and civil development integration as the main line by referring new idea of the fifth plenum of the 18th Central Committee of CPC. The future plan should represent some degree of the development of our military telecom and the direction and level of the military and civil telecom development integration. We can plan well in five respects as technology, market, economy, modern enterprise system, party construction and corporate culture.

Fourth, the Telecom Business Unit should speed up the pace of the development.

The pace of the reform, taking stance and positioning should all be speeded up, such like the construction of technology and innovation system, resources integration and deployment, party construction and culture construction. Only when the pace is speeded up, can the existence of the Telecom Business Unit as first level organization be clarified, the opportunities of development are seized, the joint force is formed and the value of business unit be reflected.

Fan Youshan commented after the speech of management team of WuXi Micro Electronics Research Center (58th Institute of CETC). He said the seminar is successful overall, which strengthens the positive culture and cohesive minds of the team. While, there are still some problems in perceptions should gain highly attention. Some leaders are not deep enough in analyzing their issues. In terms of the next step work, he listed the four requirements:

First, leverage the opportunity of “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” themed education; strengthen the constructions of the Party. Stress the importance of the disciplines and rules. Get up the right side, purify the thoughts and converge the wisdom and power of all leaders and employees, in the course of which the Party Committee should increase the control of the whole process, the development direction and the political core function of constructing the modern enterprise system.

Second, seriously set the Research Center’s strategy and positioning; Strive for enhancing the R&D capabilities, which serves for the basis of the core competitiveness. Plan seriously how to form China-characterized, the Research Center-featured industries such as intelligent city, intelligent town, etc. by self-owned chip technology and mask technology.

Third, strengthen the mechanism construction with the objective of market-oriented operation rules. Enhance the human resources construction. Reflect the benefit for pioneering and technological employees in the next stage of industrial evolution. Design the mechanism according to the rules of integrated circuits market.

Fourth, adeptly tap the rules of the market to adjust operation mode. Go all out to build the intelligent park of the Research Center. Take the intelligent park as a pilot project to explore informationizing construction version 3.0. Realize the real cooperative designing and development. Explore the development mode of the internet of things for CETC, forge holistic intelligent running area based on Made in China 2025 and internet plus. Figure out the running mode based on internet concept, meeting the requirement of interaction, experience and exhibition.

Vice President Wang Zheng (also head of the Management Committee of the Telecom Business Unit), the member of the Party Group, shared his understanding of “Strict Powering-using”, and made several requirements to the Business Unit:

First, deeply study General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series speeches and the spirit of the fifth plenum of the 18th Central Committee of CPC. Review and develop well the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Second, seek unity in thinking and be determined to push various kinds of work of the Telecom Business Unit.

Third, ensure the fulfillment of operational goals of the Telecom Business Unit, stress the work arrangements in 2016.

Fourth, according to the “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”, enhance the construction of the Party Style and Honest Administration. Management team should implement the double responsibility of each position.

As the whole-journey supervisor on the  “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” educational activities and participants of the seminar, the team leader of the third work group Chen Yongjun and fourth group Wang Junming spoke highly for the seminar, they thought it is well prepared, the speeches are composed seriously, the discussion is open, free and problem-oriented. The two-side illustration enables in-depth understanding of strict power-using and closely links to the related organizations. The content of the seminar is rich and achieves the expected result. It is a high-quality, in-depth discussion.

The general manager of the Telecom Business Unit Tu Tianjie and the General Manager of the Research Center Liu Dai expressed in their speech that they would definitely carry out the spirit of this similar, keep firmly in mind the mission and the responsibility, adhere to the style of the Stricts and the Steadies, implement it through various kinds of work and contribute to CETC’s high-quality entry into world TOP 500 and reach to the goal of “prominent in China and outstanding around the world,”.

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