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CETC Party Group: adhere to the "national interests above everything else", actively inherit and carry forward the spirit of Anti-Japanese War

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Starting from September 18, 1931, the Chinese people fought 14 years of Anti-Japanese war and made enormous historical contribution to the world anti Fascism war. During this enduring war, the spirit of Anti-Japanese war was formed with the patriotism as a core.

The great spirit of the war, is a great national spirit, the traditional patriotism of the Chinese nation has rised from the Anti-Japanese war.

This spirit is from everyone’s deep love for the motherland and from the most profound practice of "national interests above everything else ". For that period of history, we not only hand it down mouth to mouth, also have engraved the history on our monument.

Great career breeds Great Spirit. We are the eldest son of the People’s Republic of China, in those self-reliance years of the new China, CETC and the older generation of military industry workers embedded "national interests" in their growth ring.

"National interests above everything else" is CETC’s highest standards of behavior, is the ultimate basis for decision, judgment standard of what to do or not to do.

Review the development process of the military electronic industry for more than half a century, the research process of national key military equipment such as AWACS, CETC’s military electronic national team status is established in the course of serving our motherland, CETC's image is shown in the process of serving the motherland, CETC's value is realized by serving the motherland.

"National interests above everything else" is the core value of CETC, is the inheritance of the fine tradition of the CETC, and is CETC's corporate mission and scientific orientation.

"National interests above everything else" is the core value CETC and is CETC’s cultural DNA. "National interests above everything else" expresses CETC people’s loyalty to the motherland and the nation's sacred duty; it reflects the sense of pride of CETC, sense of honor and the sense of mission and sense of responsibility. "National interests above everything else", is CETC people’s choice when there is conflict between the interests of the state and the interests of individual, is the determination and confidence to join the course of national informatization construction and national defense modernization.

The "national interest" is always CETC’s social responsibility, social duty and social value. In the long course of development, CETC sticks to the core value of "national interests above everything else," and together with all the military industry colleagues to make the birth of the spirit of AWACS.

"Self -reliance and innovation, coordinated operations, tenacious struggle," the spirit of AWACS embodies a concentrated reflection of the military culture of outstanding heritage, it carries forward the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite", "manned space program" and shows CETC’s development of spiritual and cultural achievements, highlighting CETC’s important role in the national military electronics and national informatization, vividly representing the national spirit and the spirit of the times.

In the new period, the core of AWACS spirit is to adhere to national interests above everything else, think about what the country needs, through independent innovation to achieve good results for the country, for the nation and for the course of national defense.

Deep sorrow leads to enlightenment, challenges make a nation much stronger. Today, we are walking on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics; this is the right path to the national rejuvenation.

To review of the Anti-Japanese war by standing in the new historical tide, we should cherish and protect the hard-won peace.

Under the new historical conditions, It has a strong political, ideological, instructive and practical meaning to continue carry forward the spirit of the great Anti-Japanese war and the historical mission of "national interests above everything else". It helps us to bear in mind the glory of the nation, arouse the patriotic enthusiasm, enhance national self-confidence and national cohesion strength, explore the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics more broad prospects, realize the Chinese dream of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

This autumn, in the Victory Day parade and a series of activities to share again the glory of the victory of Anti Japanese War, we cannot ignore the profound meaning of those victories.

It means not only the complete failure of the invaders, but also means that the Chinese nation completed a national awakening process, which means China has established his status as a great power in the world, which means Chinese people made a step forward on the road of national rejuvenation, the Chinese people deeply appreciate the cohesion force and guiding force of the Communist Party of China, which means the great spirit of the Anti-Japanese war has come deeply into the essence of every one of the Chinese people.

China's rejuvenation has a long way to go; we all have a great Chinese dream to fulfill the “National Mission”. We want to revitalize the Chinese mission, the ideals and aspirations of the people to the motherland and the people's deep love to implement the "four overall" strategic action, with the great spirit of the Anti-Japanese war, we constantly motivate ourselves, struggle unceasingly for national security, public safety, and for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation for a whole life!

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