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CETC Party Leading Group Carries Out the Fourth Centralized Study

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In July 23rd, the CETC party leading group carried out the fourth centralized study, all party group members participated in the study, and all the directors of department attended the meeting.

  The theme of the meeting focused on tightening the party's discipline, strengthen the party's ideas, clear political discipline and political rules of the party, strengthen the system construction of CETC, research on the basic framework of institutional system of CETC.

  This conference aims to conscientiously implement the Party to manage the party, strictly manage the party, to realize the full implementation of the "two responsibilities", continuously improve the work style, earnestly implement the correction of the feedback problems of the central inspection teams, thought to play the demonstration effect of leading party group and provide a strong political guarantee for CETC to achieve the "national excellence, world outstanding" strategic objectives; Deepening the study of "Chinese Communist Party Group Regulations (Trial)", the "Company Law", "the notice forwarding by the General Office of CPC Central Committee, regarding Central Organization Department, the State Council and SASAC Party group comments on the central enterprises should play a full role as the political core in the modern enterprise system ", strengthen the system construction of CETC in the reform.

  The participants issued a learning experience, and expressed their views and recommendations on the constitution of framework, rules and procedure of the system.

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