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The Party Group of CETC held the 1st Seminar on “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”

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On June 23rd, the Party group of CETC held its first seminar on “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” in Beijing, focused on the theme of “Being Strict of Cultivating One’s Moral Character” to carry out in-depth study and discussion.

Xiong Qunli, the secretary of the Party group hosted the seminar and made the summary speech. All the Party group members, chief directors from Dept. of Party-Masses Affairs, Dept. of General Office, Dept. of Discipline Inspection and Supervision & Auditing, as well as leaders from SASAC Bureau of Party Construction attended the seminar.

The theme of this seminar was “Being strict of cultivating one’s moral character, enhancing the Party spirit, remaining steadfast in ideals and beliefs, control the switch of ‘thought and action’”. Around this theme, Party group members had a robust discussion from their own experience of work and life style. After exchanging understanding on the education of “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”, Party group members found out the behaviors against “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” in the contingent of the leading cadres, along with the harm of these behaviors. During the discussion, members deeply shared their own experience, accurately found out the discrepancy and its reasons, and steadily made future plans. This seminar, theoretical, ideological and targeted, helped members achieve mutual inspiration, consensus and enhancement.

 Xiong Qunli, the secretary of the Party group, pointed out that our party had always attached great importance to ideals and beliefs. Especially since the 18th National People’s Congress, the CCCPC with comrade Xi as the general secretary repeatedly emphasized the importance of education on ideals and beliefs among party leading cadres. It should be said that ideals and beliefs are the “Calcium “of the CPC spirit, which means to remain steadfast in ideals and beliefs is to adhere to the leadership of CPC, to stick to Marxism and socialism with Chinese characteristics, to strengthen self-confidence in the path, belief and system, to make faithfulness part of one’s thought, soul and action, to be absolutely loyal to our party and have firm confidence and resolution to follow the party, to always be faithful to the cause of CPC and the people, to take the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to consciously practice the mass line of our party, to be demonstrator and practitioner of remaining steadfast ideals and beliefs, and to struggle untiringly to achieve the Chinese Dream, the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the communist ideals.

President Fan Youshan said that the education of “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” led by the Party Central Committee involves all aspects of party leading cadres, including morality cultivation, use of official power and devotion to the cause of CPC and the people. The foundation of this education is “Being Strict of Cultivating One’s Moral Character”. It makes efforts to resolve fundamental ideological problems of party leading cadres, which embodies the noble political character of CPC as a Marxist ruling party. All the party leading cadres should consciously and proactively participate in the work of “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”, and regard “Being Strict of Cultivating One’s Moral Character” as the foundation of personality and a lifelong compulsory course. Cadres should be cautious in privacy and subtlety, so as to live up to the great trust of the Party and the people.

Xiong Qunli stressed that the central enterprises are closely related with the country's economic security and political security, and is the economic foundation of the party in power. Party leading cadres of central enterprise must consciously strengthen individual self-cultivation, and combine the Party's cause, the enterprise vision and personal value pursuit together. Cadres should always hold oneself to the standard of “Strict” and “Steady”, which means through further study to make “Being Strict of Cultivating One’s Moral Character” a kind of morality introspection of enterprises and individuals, and to promote enterprise and individual development with the principle of “Steady”. He also said that CETC should integrate the education of “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” with patrol rectification and auditing, and keep improving work style, the system and the team, attach great attention to major project planning. CETC should also firmly grasp national strategic opportunities including the new military revolution, “One Belt and One Road”, “Made in China 2025” and the integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, combines the “13th Five-Year Plan”, boost the pursuit of “steady growth and structural adjustment”, accelerate the construction of modern enterprise system and culture, so as to establish a solid spiritual and material foundation for CETC.

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