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CETC Holds “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” Communist Party Session and Mobilization Meeting

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CETC held “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” meeting on May 29. The chairman of board, Mr. Xiong Qunli gave a communist party session, and the president, Mr. Fan Youshan chaired the meeting and had a speech of mobilization.

CETC’s “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” sessions started from the moment formally. During the session, Mr. Xiong Qunli firstly shared his study and understanding of the sprit of the general secretary Xi Jinping. He said, the general secretary Xi Jinping talked about the temporary political circumstance, chances and threats. Mr. Xi Jinping proposed the ideas of the modernization of our state’s system and capability, and he requires the communist party frequently make progress. The most important thing is that the party member can make self- improvement. Therefore, party members should study more about the “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” lessons, which do goodness to the party construction and Chinese economic development and political position. To study “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” sessions, is to extend the practice of the party activities as well as to the development of CETC.

Xiong Qunli evaluated present CETC on the aspect of “Stricts” and “Steadies”. CETC, as a corporation, has been practicing very well on the aspect of “Stricts” and “Steadies”, For instance, firstly, CETC has a solid political belief and takes a full responsibility on politics, economy, society and the national safety, is acting as a national team. Secondly, CETC always regards development as the top task, makes achievements on the foundation of “Stricts” and “Steadies”. Thirdly CETC always focuses on developing new technology. Fourthly, CETC is a good team which can complete good work.

     Xiong Qunli said, CETC has a solid foundation on “Stricts” and “Steadies”, and is facing some new complicated circumstances and tasks at the same time. As a military firm, the responsibility of protecting our nation requires us develop better equipments which may do good jobs for future wars. At the same time, as a nation’s key industry, CETC is expected to be more powerful. CETC is required to develop further to meet the request of having fortune, power, foreign affairs strategy and new industrial revolution.

Xiong Qunli required the whole system face problems on “Stricts” and “Steadies”, which are: first, CETC needs dare take the responsibility given by the nation on politics, economy, and society. Second, CETC needs striving for “nation’s leading, world’s best” and strengthen development of new technology, good management and allocation of resources. Third, firm’s products and culture need present the firm’s internal elements. Fourth, the construction of cadres need be strengthened.

Xiong Qunli deeply analyzed the reason of these problems. He said the actual reason could not stay away from the element “people”. Some people do not have right ideas on human and evaluation, still have some problems on “Stricts” and “Steadies”, and some people even put personal benefits ahead of firm’s benefits or national benefits, and also some are not qualified for work, and some still have big distance on thoughts, business, management, development and implementation of their responsibility.

Xiong Qunli raised three points of requirement on “Stricts” and “Steadies” to promote revolution and development. Firstly, have further solid belief and promote the quality of development. The essential thing is to agree to the belief. Party members need hold the truth and study important speeches of the general secretary Xi Jinping, hold the social development rules, and evaluate whether the firm’s goal as well as method suits the rules or not.

Secondly, further strengthen personality and promote CETC to be powerful. Xiong Qunli emphasizes that CETC as a corporation has great personality power, which comes from the high quality CETC staff and products. The firm’s personality comes from CETC’s evaluation and target. To strengthen firm’s character power is to strengthen cadre’s personality power, which requires all levels cadre are encouraged to take tasks and strictly demand themselves and chase their belief. All cadres must take the lead and improve themselves, strengthen personality power, raise firm’s personality power, complete firm’s demands, on the basis of having mutual benefits with customers focus on their requests, establish Service Corporation and put the corporation culture into their development, manufacture and product service.

Finally, further hold the discipline and promote CETC constantly develop. Xiong Qunli emphasizes that party members need strengthen their ability and strictly discipline themselves. All party members should strictly discipline themselves and go after the party, so as to truly fulfill “YAN” and “SHI”.

Fan Youshan concluded the meeting and had a speech of mobilization according to “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” on behalf of CETC. He said, Xiong Qunli’s speech was active and positive, which is guidance, and all should carefully study.

The party group demands that the whole system should work according to “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” and deeply implement it, focusing on being faithful to the party and encouraged to take tasks, leading cadres to chase the truth, solve problems on “Stricts” and “Steadies”, and thoroughly implementing “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”. Try to solve problems of not having solid belief and problems of not “Stricts” or “Steadies”

The whole system should take the right way, through party sessions have specific study, research and high quality meeting on “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”, strengthen the reform and put the method from sessions into practice.

While implementing the sessions, first all need study and hold seminars, so as to deeply understand “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” and firmly master the target and method of the session theme, and to put the strict standard, method and discipline into practice.

Second, ensure leading of the party. All party committees need regard the session study as an important task of the party construction. Party members in charge should take the responsibility, study and make the implementation schedule with detailed contents and methods, at the same time evaluate it as work of party construction.

Finally, ensure “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” is well educated, which is mainly embodied with “7 whethers” as followings:

Firstly to see whether do things in according with the nation’s thoughts, whether stand on the nation’s level and think from CETC side to seek development.

Secondly to see the consciousness of discipline and rules have been understood deeply, whether the discipline has been put in the first place, from dare to do, not able to do to will not to do, so that the party law and the decisions of CETC can be executed correctly.

Thirdly to see whether the atmosphere of the team is harmony, positive, optimistic or not. Whether the thinking has been unified and the power has been put together and whether the enforcement of the hard power is realized through the strengthening of soft power.

Fourthly to see whether the ongoing projects have been completed in high quality, whether the tasks of this year and the achievement of the benefit target for the whole year is processed through the improvement of executing ability of the party members and the employee.

Fifthly to see whether the ongoing projects have been planed and proceeded effectively, whether the big system, big construction project, and big project is blueprinted based on the national level though the enforced undertaking spirit of the party members. Big market should be developed and great industry should be raised.

Sixth to see whether the mechanism and rules have be designed and reformed based on the basic regularities; whether the benefit of deepened reform has been relieved effectively and the regularities of the enterprise development has been acknowledged and applied.

Seventhly to see whether the party work has got enough attention, whether the requirement of the party has been put into the heart and realized.

Leaders at all levels must coordinate with daily work and these two must improve together, so that it will enforce the realization of CETC’S dream “prominent in China and outstanding around the world”.

Zhang Zheng from the Party construction dept. of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission attended the meeting. Party members of CETC, all the party officers in the head-quarter, and party leaders of the institutes in Beijing took part in this meeting in the major meeting room. This meeting is held through video, all the other directors and above of this system attended the meeting in parallel meeting room, and in total more than 3500 persons attended the meeting.

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