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CETC held the “Intelligent CETC Excellent manufacture” forum successfully

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On 20th October, organized by the CETC Syndicate, the Youth Federation, and the Youth League Committee (YLC), undertaken by the 14th Institute of CETC, the “intelligent CETC excellent manufacture” forum was held successfully in Nanjing. This year, the central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) convened a meeting on the work of CPC and YLC, during which, the president Mr. XI instructed that all the organizations of CPC and YLC should insist on emancipating the mind, reforming and creating, determining to progress and working diligently in order to enhance the political, progressive and mass character of CPC and YLC work. As a top military industry group in China, CETC put these instructions into practice and built the “Intelligent CETC” brand. The forum was one of the activities. With the subject of intelligent CETC and excellent manufacture, and combined with “China Skill Contest 2015--2nd CETC “Excellence” Professional Skill Contest—Final of Electronic Equipment Assemblage’, the forum aimed to discuss the intelligent manufacture and the trend of electronic assemblage technologies.

Mr. Nie Zhongbo, deputy director of CETC Party and Masses’ Affairs Department, Mr. Su Jun, president of YLC of CETC group, Mr. Guo Dongming, chief of the Masses’ division of CETC, some responsible of the Party Affairs Departments of the institutes in Nanjing and deputy Party secretary of 14th Institute Mr. Yao Zhehui attended this forum. In the forum, Mr. Yao warmly welcomed the directors and experts assisting in the forum.

The year 2015 is the opening year of “Made in China 2025”, is the start of the decade plan which means that China should transform into a capable manufacture country in the world. Intelligent manufacture is the core of the new industrial revolution, is the directive of “Made in China 2025”. The manufacture industry is fundamental for an invigorating country.

As the leading institute in military industry, the 14th Institute takes hold in the new height of national strategy, aims to be “excellent in China and leading in the world” enterprise, insists on technology innovation and cultivating the talents in order to help CETC boost into the TOP 500 in the world. The forum invited senior business consultant of Siemens industrial software and defense industry Mr. Gao Yansong, the director of electronic assemblage of Siemens industrial software Mr. Chen Weisheng and the chief expert of manufacture technologies of 14th Institute Mr. Zhu Jianjun. The experts discussed deeply on the topics such as intelligent manufacture, industry 4.0, digital factory, electric assemblage connection and their applications. During the forum, the host, the experts and the youth representatives were very interactive and exchanged their own opinions. As an occasion for the experts all over China to discuss the studies, applications and trends of intelligent manufacture, the forum offered an opportunity for the technical workers and intellectuals to think how to make innovations and applications of different technologies. The invited expressed their wishes for the forum and a lot of media reported on site.

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