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China Skill Contest 2015 - Finals of the 2nd CETC “Excellence” Professional Skill Contest held in Nanjing

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Picking up a tiny piece of component with the tweezers in one hand, putting it carefully on the circuit board, and then welding each other with the soldering iron in the other hand, this is the action that Zhang Jie, technician from the 29th Institute of CETC, did the most frequently on the 19thOctober 2015. Staring at the circuit board which is to be filled with loads of components, he was looking free and relaxed. In this 2,500-square-meter-large electronics assembly plant, there were another 59 talented technicians from other units of CETC Group, like Zhang Jie, focusing on the components in front of them and not being distracted at all. This was the China Skill Contest 2015 - Finals of the 2nd CETC “Excellence” Professional Skill Contest held by CETC, China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center, Post and Telecommunications Committee of National Defense and Youth League Committee. On the 19thOctober 2015, the finals opened in Nanjing, and 60 contestants from 26 units of CETC Group participated in the finals. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhou Wanxing, Director of the 14th Institute of CETC, gave everyone a warm welcome representing the host of the contest. Mr. Jia Weiyi, Chief of the Contest Division of China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center, Mr. Yang Junri, Chairman of the Post and Telecommunications Committee of National Defense, and Mr. Zhang Dongchen, Vice President of CETC, gave a speech respectively.“The 2ndProfessional Skill Contest is held by CETC under the government’s requirement of training skillful talents. It follows the general arrangement of China Skill Contest 2015.Being brought into the 2nd Contest Category by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, it has great significance,” reiterated Mr. Zhang Dongchen, General Director of the Contest and Vice President of CETC, at the opening ceremony of the finals. In March 2015, in order to improve the system of training and selecting skillful talents, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security organized a large-scale activity, that is, China Skill Contest. In order to advance the strategy of “made in China 2025”, to strengthen the enterprise by training talents and to optimize the structure of production, CETC launched officially the 2nd Professional Skill Contest in May 2015.The contest took “innovation in skill” as the subject, “sharing in skill” as the foundation and “improvement of skill” as the objective. More than 2,000 contestants were attracted to participate in. After the preliminaries held respectively by every unit of the Group and the trials in regions of north China, south-west and east China, 60 contestants had qualified for the finals. The contest shows the consummate skill, the spirit of fighting relentlessly and the professional standards of CETC staff. It also created an atmosphere of learning and competing skills within the whole Group. “By holding the skill contest, we are going to select the skillful talents and form a leading team for the Group,” said Mr. Zhang Dongchen. CETC had established an organizing committee whose director was Mr. Zhang Dongchen, to guarantee the order and the fairness of the contest. The committee was composed of six bureaus. The members discussed over and over again on the theme of “innovation, sharing and improvement”, and finally made several breakthroughs. As for the finals, which would have a far-reaching influence on the contestants’ career life, the committee considered more. In order to have an overall inspect of the contestants, the committee decided to separate the finals on two parts: theory exam (20%) and practice exam (80%). The theory exam was a closed-book examination. Under the supervision, a group of 8 national level experts had established an examination question bank including more than 800 questions according to the National Military Standards and the Industry Standards. The practice exam was an on-site examination. The projects were assigned by the aforementioned group of experts. The contestants had to assemble the components provided by the committee on site without any disturb, and they drew lots to decide the type of project and the order. “Comparing with the regional trials, the finals require more on the contestants’ study capacity by turning the project from 2D to 3D and by adding several modules such as remote control, infrared ray, temperature detection, etc.” said the head referee.

Such a professional preparation had won the recognition from the leaders. At the opening ceremony of the finals, Mr. Jia Weiyi commented: CETC held the contest according to the national standards from every aspect, and the preparation was careful and efficient. Mr. Yang Junri also gave his compliments: from the beginning, CETC concentrated on the theme of the contest, making sure that the contest could help to improve the work, thus created an atmosphere of learning skills and strengthening innovation among the staff. What’s more, the contestants and their coaches had very good impression of the contest: it was a good platform for the technicians to study and communicate with each other, and it would have a far-reaching influence on the technicians’ career life. Bao Cheng, contestant from the 38th Institute of CETC, thought that he had gained a lot from this contest. “The contestants from the 28thInstitute of CETC have found their weakness and improved their skill thanks to this contest,” said their chief coach, Mr. Sun Yazhen. After the finals, the group of experts graded the papers under the supervision. They claimed that 93% of the candidates had passed the exam, and the rate was higher than that of the regional trials. The skill contest held by CETC provided for technicians a platform of learning, training and skill evaluation. Enhancing the training system, it was a good stage to select talents, and would help to improve the skill of all the staff.

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