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Zhang Dongchen: Sharing Experience in Youth’s Healthy Growth through Development of Civilian Industry

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From July17 to 18, the 5th CETC training activity and the "Youth Forum" were held in Taiyuan, Shanxi province in an aim to implement the spirit of the center party's conference. Su Jun, Secretary of CETC Youth League committee, secretaries of the youth league committees, members of Youth committees and youth representatives from member units of CETC gathered to study and discuss on youth’s healthy growth, industrial development, the new demands for youth committee in the new media era and other topics.

Zhang Dongchen, member of CETC party group and vice president of CETC, was invited to take part in. He gave the representatives a lecture called "The Civilian Industry Development and Healthy Growth of Young People", and shared his view on the topics.

Zhang Dongchen began his lecture by calling himself a “friend” to all the representatives and said,” By giving a introduction of CETC’s development of civil industry and also the comprehensive development of the corporation, we help the youth to get a more adequate understanding of the overall development of CETC, and also it is beneficial to their healthy growth and the future development of CETC.”

He pointed out that CETC has maintained a rapid development and gained remarkable achievements for over 10 consecutive years. There appeared 4 general characteristics of its development: firstly, the industry scale continues to grow; the second is the formation of gradient industrial distribution system; thirdly, industrial platform layout has made a breakthrough; fourthly, the process of internationalization of civilian industry has accelerated.

These achievements has been hard to gain, and there are some problems, such as the lack of industry's core competitiveness, resource gathering and configuration is not in place, the reform dividend has not been released and so on. Faced with the problems, Zhang Dongchen proposed that the development should adhere to the idea of sustainable development, which is “safety, wisdom and green”, and we shall strive to foster the culture of “excellence, innovation, integrity and open cooperation”. In the future, we should fully respect the decisive role of the market, the main role of enterprises and market competition rules, and correctly grasp the laws of industrial resources, continue to strengthen the core position and role of the entrepreneur.

On this basis, CETC will further accelerate the reform of institutional mechanism to achieve the enterprise specialization, product industrialization, talents professionalization and management internationalization, and strengthen the control, influence and driving force in key industries and areas related to national security and national economy of power, and support the achievement of national plan of "Internet +" and the strategic objective of "China 2025”.

For the topic of youth development, Zhang Dongchen analyzed the two issues of “How the society see the youth” and “How the youth see the society” with specific cases. He explained “Ten Rules” for a high-level manager to see the youth and compared the difference between “excellent” and “ordinary”. With his own childhood story, he encouraged the young people to dare to try, not afraid to make mistakes, sum up and learned from it. He also warned the young people to have full understanding of themselves and their careers, have goals and strive to create a good environment for the growth.

After the lectures, the participants raised questions eagerly and all got answers precisely by Zhang Dongchen. They asked about the collaboration between military and civilian industry, the enhancement of profitability of civilian industries and so on.

Concerning to how to raise the young people to be indomitable, Zhang Dongchen expressed his hope, that is, on one hand, the companies should provide innovative environment for young people and give them more encouragement. On the other hand, the young people shall have clear goals,

There were bursts of applause from time to time in this three-hour lecture. At last, Zhang Dongchen rewarded the youth groups from six member units with “flag of honor” as an encouragement.

The training course lasted for 2 days. A series of other activities were also arranged such as seminars on Internet and the Communist Youth League, lecture given by Taigang Corporation and so on, which made the training more effective. The participants expressed that they had learned a lot. This training not only strengthened communication among the member units, but also showed a clear path for the work in the future.

Li Chenggang, Chairman of the Board of China Electronics Technology Cyber Security Co., Ltd., Wang Jianzhong, Supervisory Board Chairman, Secretary of Party Committee in adjunct of the 33rd Institute of Electronics Technology Group Corporation, JiangBo, Deputy General Manager and President in adjunct of the 33rd Institute of Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Li Zijie, Deputy General Manager of CETC Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., President in adjunct of the2nd Institute of Electronics Technology Group Corporation and some other company leaders also took part in and shared experience.

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