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CETC Lights the Science and Technology Dream with Love--CETC Held Science and Technology Volunteer Activities

28 May 2015 From:News Centre Browse:     

May 28, there are three days away from the Children's Day. The CETC bus departed very early from Beijing with the destination of Dong Touying Village, Feng Ning Country of Cheng De, there is a CETC Hope Primary School, which was dilapidated three years before. In 2011, the youth league group of CETC signed a cooperation agreement with the youth league group of Feng Ning Country, donated “CETC Hope Primary School” in Feng Ning. In recent years, CETC has built multi-media classrooms, adding electric heating facilities, to help this primary school to improve teaching conditions; subsidized poor students, invited some students to visit CETC, opened the dream window for the children, interpreting with practical action of the value and meaning of "CETC Great Love". Today, more than 200 lovely students can use tidy campus, new school buildings, electric heating, multimedia classrooms, new uniforms. Vice chairman of youth committee, secretary of youth league Mr. Su Jun and vice chairman of youth committee, vice director of No. 15 Institute Ms. Bi Huijuan lead the group and departed. In this group there are also volunteers from No. 7, 13, 15, 54 Institute. People's Congress of Fengning County, Board of Education of the county, Youth League Group of the County and other relevant leaders attended the event. This is the fourth year from the beginning of the donation. This time, CETC offered “Light on the dreams of technology” and “Science cabin” services. The chairman and party secretary of CETC Mr. Xiong Qunli concerned about the situation of the activities and before the activities specifically on his own behalf and of the company wished a happy holiday to the children, conveyed by Su Jun. The volunteer wears the costume of “CETC Great Love”, participate in the activities of science cabin, practice in classroom to lights the dream of technology and class meeting to celebrate children’s day. In the science cabin, they teach the children how to use computer software to draw, how to use distance education by internet, telling the children what is the power of technology. In the practice class, aerospace experts from the No. 54 Institute, senior engineer Chen Jianmin gives a lesson for the children on the theme "Science and Technology lights the dream", the course is welcomed by the children, their hearts are filled with the magic of technology, they continue to make a variety of questions; the volunteers make patchwork of models together with the children, the success of making two aerospace model let the children discovered their potential, they are cheering. In the class meeting to celebrate Children’s day, the volunteers and children sing together, laugh together, celebrated an unforgettable Children's Day in advanced. One child happily told the reporters: "This is the most interesting day I’ve ever spent!" The event is acceptance program of CETC of the pre-donation, also the beginning to promote volunteerism for post-deployment. At present, CETC Hope Primary School's hardware has been improved, the children can learn here happily, and it’s necessary to further consider the quality of education, today CETC carry out scientific and technological lights dreams and science cabin activities here, hoping the children to get a better quality of education and make good use of the remote network education, feel the power of science and technology, accumulate in the growth process in their mind, subtly guide them to establish ideas of science and technology dream, to contribute to society. The event is the first practice of "CETC Great Love", in the future CETC will continue to promote and finally achieve characteristics of modularity and standardization of voluntary service.

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