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Labor Holds Up the Dream of CETC - On-the-spot Report on Reform and Innovation Sharing Session of "Model Workers Leading the Way and the Young Going Ahead" held by CETC

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As May is approaching, the peach trees are in bloom and the willows are turning green with the spring in the air in Beijing.

On April 29, CETC Trade Union Federation and Youth League Committee of the System jointly organized the Reform and Innovation Sharing Session of "Model Workers Leading the Way and the Young Going Ahead" with "daring to undertake, brave to innovate, willing to dedicate, capable to succeed" as the theme in the 12th Research Institute of CETC in order to commemorate the Labor Day and the 96th anniversary of May Fourth Movement, as well as implement the spirit of the proposal on strengthening and improving the alliance work of the party by the Party Central Committee.

It may be said that, the distinguished guests participating in the Sharing Session are "gather of top notches", "star shining": among them, there were national model workers who had received honors in Great Hall of the People yesterday and come back with high praise, representatives in model posts of national youth safety in production, representatives of collectives and individuals who had won central enterprise-level and CETC-level honors, and staff representatives from member units in Beijing.

Certainly, Xiong Qunli, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of Party Group of CETC, Wang Jie, General Manager Assistant, Zou Zili, Director of Human Resource Department of the Headquarter, Zuo Lei, Director of Party Work Department and Chairman of the Youth Federation of CETC, Nie Zhongbo, Executive Vice-chairman of Trade Union Federation, and Su Jun, Secretary of Youth League Committee of the System also jointly shared the joy.

In addition, Yan Tiechang, Superintendent of the 12th Research Institute, Wang Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee, and institute leaders in charge of alliance work in part of member units also arrived at scene to share the labor joy and discuss how to become a useful person and how to achieve growth together with model workers and young talents.

"The theme of the sharing session today is 'daring to undertake, brave to innovate, willing to dedicate, capable to succeed', which is the first theme session jointly held by our Trade Union Federation and Youth League Committee. As an exchange and sharing session, we expect everyone to say all you know without reserve." At the very beginning of the sharing session, Zuo Lei, the chairperson of the session, called on everyone to seize the opportunity and speak positively in the following process of communication.

"We want to first listen to the model workers!"

Someone shouted out, followed by laughter and echo. In this "wide anticipation", Wei Yixue, who had just won National May 1 Labor Medal with honors yesterday and was seated beside Secretary Xiong Qunli, picked up the microphone to share the award-winning mood and growing experience.

As the foregoer in the field of traveling-wave tube in China, Wei Yixue revealed the difficult course how he and his team successfully developed the millimeter wave space traveling-wave tube used in the Shenzhou series of spacecraft and other "credit winning tubes" with proprietary intellectual property rights under tough circumstances.

"As military researchers, we must make our own historical mission and coordinate point clear, and only dedicated attitude and down-to-earth labor are worthy of this age", the statement by the model worker was simple and unadorned, which moistened the hearts of every youth on the scene like rain and dew in spring.

As the deputy chief designer of a certain type of AWACS project, Cui Jixian, from China Electrics Power Research Institute, had created new record of AWACS test flight with his team, which had been highly affirmed and evaluated by higher authorities and leaders.

"Achievement represents the past, and there is still a long way to go in future. Our team is young, and we must inherit predecessors' fine traditions, and continue to carry forward and practice AWACS spirit. In addition, we must develop more and better equipment to fly in the sky to safeguard peace and stability of our motherland." The grandiloquence of protecting our homes and defending our country by Cui Jixian won warm applause at the scene.

"Faced with the turbulent and war-ridden situation in a certain country, since we knew 'my post cannot be separated from me', 13 partners and I still stayed in the foreign country, and the responsibilities of CETC people were embodied in our busy journey and contracts signed by us." The affectionate and heart-warming sharing by Li Xun, from CETC International, moved everyone at the scene, and Secretary Xiong Qunli led the applause to give thumbs up to the fighting in foreign markets by the youth.

At the session, combining with practical work, other representatives narrated their advanced deeds and shared successful experiences about new change and new look occurred, as well as new performance and new image achieved in the past two years.

Face-to-face interaction led to strong resonance in affection; heart-to-heart communication generated strong impetus for progress. The sharing by all pushed the session to one upsurge after another.

As an "old CETC-man", Zuo Lei, Chairman of the Youth Federation of CETC, also "could not help" sharing his own working experience, and exhorted the youth "not to fear any difficulties, and to seize various kinds of opportunities to realize own life value in hard work".

Zou Zili, Director of Human Resource Department of the Headquarter, expressed that, the statements by the representatives present shocked and educated him quite a lot, "the spirit of unknown contribution to the causes of the country and the group by our cadres and workers is worth learning", meanwhile, he also said quite humbly that: "Everyone is expected to provide more and better proposals to build an ‘domestically excellent, internationally first-rate’ talent team for CETC".

Wang Jie, General Manager Assistant, expressed at the session that, "As the national team and main force, CETC undertakes heavy responsibilities, but we also have a brilliant future due to so many excellent cadres and workers, especially our model workers and young people who constantly play the functions of pioneer and example in their working positions with vigorous positive energy which will certainly affect more people to make arduous efforts for the 'domestically excellent, internationally first-rate' target."

"These advanced individuals and collectives are all around us, and the matters they narrated are also mediocre matters happened around us. Though the matters seem to be ordinary, they highlighted their firm belief, persistent pursuit as well as responsibilities and accountability willing to dedicate. Labors' noble morality is intensively reflected in them, which showed the style of the era by CETC people!" After listening to the speeches, Xiong Qunli, sitting among the model workers and young people, was extraordinarily delighted, and "unsparingly" expressed his praise and honor to these advanced individuals and collectives.

At the same time, he also took this opportunity to express his heartfelt congratulations to advanced individuals and collectives that had achieved distinction and recognition on behalf of CETC Leading Party group, and sent wishes and greetings on the holidays to the vast cadres and workers, as well as young people in the whole system for their hard work for the reform and development of CETC when May 1st International Labor Day and May 4 Youth Day were approaching.

Xiong Qunli mentioned that, the honoring ceremony yesterday was of very high profile, which showed the worship and respect to labor and laborers by the Party and the country. As a central enterprise with excellent political caliber and development quality, the thriving development of CETC in recent years cannot be separated from the hard work and contribution of every CETC-man.

Xiong Qunli said, the essence of the Chinese Dream proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping was the great rejuvenation dream of Chinese nation, which was the dream of every Chinese, certainly including our CETC dream and the dream of every CETC-man. CETC dream is to build CETC into a "domestically excellent, internationally first-rate" enterprise, meanwhile, to make the staffs of CETC to be excellent people with happy lives and successful career, which is to let the enterprise and the staffs grow together in simple terms.

Xiong Qunli stressed that, it was a critical year of 2015 for CETC to realize the first step of the "Two-step Strategy", which was also an important year to reflect the undertaking of responsibilities by central enterprises with courage under the pressure of the downturn of macro economy. Owing to the joint efforts of you all, various tasks all had a good start, the understanding and implementation of "three transformations" by the cadres and workers in the whole system had been further deepened, five business forms had basically taken shape, and various reform tasks were also in steady progress. In the future, CETC still had a long way to go, such as to truly and organically link our mission with national defense capacity, army building and national strategic security together, to strengthen competition in the core field of electronic information industry, to lay emphasis on technical innovation as the core to solve fundamental, comprehensive and systematic problems, to actively implement Go Out policy, and to continuously transform from equipment export to information system export. As long as we can change ideas and break the obstacle of the system and mechanism, combining with the true implementation of "Model Workers Leading the Way and the Young Going Ahead" by the vast cadres and workers, we can definitely converge mighty power to promote the reform and development of CETC, and hold up the Chinese dream and CETC dream by labor!

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