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The 18th Research Institute of China electronic technology group Corporation

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The 18th Research Institute of CETC was founded in 1958. After forty years of efforts, it has now become China's largest and highest level of chemistry and Physical power Study on the comprehensive research and development, production technology institute.

The 18th Research Institute is engaged in the study of physics and Chemical power Comprehensive research and development and production technology development, the total of more than 800 scientific and technical personnel, and has a number of domestic and foreign well-known Power supply technology Expert. Since the 1958, it  has carried out solar cell Lithium battery, Silver zinc battery , Ni MH battery , fuel cell , Lead acid battery , Thermoelectric generator Research and refrigeration component project. It has developed and produced more than 30 series, power supply products to more than 500 varieties, and those productions have been widely used in aerospace, communications, transportation and small electronic appliances and other fields.

In 2002, it started the "lithium ion Battery Research on the patent strategy of technology "and find out the countries having core technology on lithium ion battery technology by comprehensive technical analysis. From the 1999 launch of the "God" to the launch of the "seven gods", it had already served seven generation spacecraft. It produced the solar array on the “companion” to provide electricity for the load and battery, complete the maximum conversion from solar energy into electricity.

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