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The 16th Research Institute of China electronic technology group Corporation.

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The 16th Research Institute of CETC is a class of the national military research institute. The only professional engaged in research on low temperature electronic technology application.

The 16th Research Institute is mainly engaged in refrigeration technology, electronic technology, and superconducting electronic technology research. It has passed GJB9001A 2001 quality system certification. The main products are widely used in the field of infrared search and tracking and photoelectric countermeasure, early warning assessment, precise guidance, deep space exploration, national defense. It plays an important role in the lunar exploration project ground control system, superconducting power transmission and substation engineering, environmental simulation, sky petroleum exploration, new car air conditioning, cryogenic energy and other areas of environmental protection. It is honored that cryogenic receiver has successful completed the task of lunar exploration project of "chang’e one" and the application on "chang’e two" control system.

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