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The 14th Research Institute of China electronic technology group Corporation.

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The 14th Research Institute of CETC covers an area of nearly 2000 acres. It is the birthplace of Radar industry in China, the new high-end radar pioneer.CETC-14 has integrated with international competition ability.

The 14th Research Institute of CETC has more than 9000 employees. There are two academicians from the Academy of Engineering China, 4 national outstanding contributions experts, 88 experts who enjoy special government allowance. It has " Communication and information system "And" electromagnetic field and microwave technology " those right to grant master's degree. Since 1950s, it is independent on scientific and technological innovation, and achieved a national achievement award of more than 60, more than 370 provincial awards, including 10 national science and one technology achievements, 18 National Science Conference awards; National Science and technology progress award of 6 countries; 13 awards on science and technology progress and the one national invention award.

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