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GLARUN Technology Co., Ltd.

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GLARUN Technology Co., Ltd. was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 16, 2013. Registered capital is RMB 257 millions. Stock code is 600562. Abbreviation: Guo Rui Ke Ji. The shareholder structure: 14th Institute 27.39%, Glarun Group Ltd 19.68% and the others 52.93%.

GLARUN Technology Co., Ltd. has been founded by CETC No.14 Research Institute by integrating its superior qualified resources and business blocks. This new company is oriented to the field of microwave and information technology, giving emphasis to development of products for both civil and military purposes. Three major business blocks are developed intensively: microwave electronic products, traffic electronic system, and information system integration.

GLARUN Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing a chance of creation of value and realization of dream for clients, share holders, employees and cooperation partners.


One core:

To be the global top electronic information enterprise, to settle civil-military integrated industrialized platform.

Four key orientations:

To highlight innovated brand name of “Glarun Tech”.

To strongly develop the three fields of utilized system-Meteorological application system, metro traffic

signal system and ATC & airport information system

To have being down the leader of ATC & weather radar equipment.

To occupy the majority of the market share against the

advanced microwave devices and pulsed-power electronic



Product: From the equipment supplier to be the total solution provider oriented.

Market: From the domestic marketing development to the domestic & global market penetration.

Position: From the leading edge in the field to be the leader of the industry upgraded.

Capital: From the increasing development, inward growth style, combined with the development of epitaxial.

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