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CNS: CETC Pushes Forward “New Infrastructure” Big Data Anti-epidemic Practice

03 April 2020 From:信息发布 Browse:     

Nowadays, the construction of "New Infrastructure" represented by 5G network, big data, AI, industrial internet has attracted much attention. As the sole large-scale technology group covering all areas of electronic information technology and the strategic technology power of national cyberspace industry, CETC has promoted "New Infrastructure" in many fields such as social governance, social service, CAAC’s air traffic control and intelligent transportation in response of the outbreak of COVID-19. The big data of "New Infrastructure" has been playing a significant role in fighting the epidemic through practice.

According to CETC, the prevention and control of COVID-19 is a typical digital fight against "disease". During the early outbreak of the epidemic, CETC developed and launched the "Close Contact Gauge" immediately, and established "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System for Epidemic Prevention and Control , Work and Production Resumption, both of which have been widely employed.

During the epidemic, CETC has produced more than 600 reports of study and research by carrying out epidemic prediction and analysis, which provided a strong support for the government’s   decision-making process. As to the virus tracing, the big data technology has been employed to analyze person-to-person transmission.In addtion, by applying the big data, "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System has been given full play in epidemic prevention & control and work & production on resumption across China.

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