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Shanghai East China Computer Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai East China Computer Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, which is the first listed company in IT industry in mainland of China, and the company has nearly 2,600 employees. The company's main business is concentrated in value-added sales, professional services, solutions and innovative business areas, and the company has established a broad cooperation with customers in government, education, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy and transportation industries.

Relying on the platform for listed companies, East China Computer provides excellent service, develops with innovation, and devotes to build a leading software and information service enterprise in China. East China Computer focuses on capacity-building. Under the guidance of the "New East China" strategy, the company develops an innovation mode combining information technology and traditional industry business through effective capital operation and design of industry value chain, and therefore achieves business transformation and upgrading.

East China Computer insists people-oriented and respects employees, tries to shape and enhance company's culture, and makes the company a platform for the employees to achieve self-worth. At the same time, East China Computer shoulders social responsibility, researches solutions in education, food security and other important livelihood areas, and contributes to the social harmony.

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