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Cheng Du Westone Information Industry Co., Ltd.

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Westone Information Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, sponsored by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No. 30 Research Institute was established. Relying on 40 years accumulation of deep technical expertise and human resources, with efficient operation mechanism of modern enterprises and sustainable strategy for innovation, westone has developed into the most dominant leading enterprises in the information security industry, to this Center to expand tax electronic, electronic finance, e-commerce and other IT security business, enterprise development. In July 2008 and was listed as "China's information security first shares."

After 10 years of development, westone, the staff has grown to be more than 600, integrated continuous rate of above 30% and economic indicators in 2002 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Now established in Beijing ,Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Sichuan, 4 subsidiaries and nearly 30 offices across the country, establish a sound marketing service network. Customer base includes major ministries, banking, taxation, power, telecommunication, military industrial complex, large enterprises (Group), and provincial and municipal e-Government/commercial secondary markets and expanding to small and medium enterprises and individual users.

Westone, innovation and development for many years, not limited to existing areas of strength, standing on the commanding heights of seeks breakthrough in industry and enterprise development, the information security industry. From its inception 4 password for product development is now covered by the area of information security and penetration the IT industry's six major business tax control, namely: "Application security”, “network security","communications security", "security platform/module" ,"IT information terminals", "security integration and services." Some of competitive products, such as broadband VPN, the chip firewall, high-speed cryptographic chip, computer security card series, "a KEY pass" comprehensive security protection system series, "safety information exchange system".Because of advanced technology and high level of comprehensive advantages of lead through the identification of the competent Department, filled the gap and become the industry standard.

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