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Taiji Computer Co., Ltd.

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In order to promote the development of national computer industry, CETC No.15 research institute has undergone structure reform since 1987 and created Taiji Computer Corporation. In 2002, approved by the state departments, Taiji was reformed into stock company. In 2010, Taiji was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. For 20 years, Taiji has made great contributions national economic and information development..

Business Focus

IT consulting services, Industry solutions and services,Value-added IT products and services, IT infrastructure services,are four major business focuses, building integrated IT Services chain while forming comprehensive service capabilities.

IT Consulting Services

As per customer requirements, Taiji can provides BusinessProcess analysis and optimization consulting, IT application strategy consulting, Information systems planning and design consulting, Engineering consultation, System testing and other services. Typical solution: information technology master plan,business process optimization and business consulting,information technology feasibility consulting, information systems design consulting, intelligent building engineering planning and design, application integration, information technology and diagnostic performance improvement consulting, information systems engineering supervision services, information system evaluation services, IT training services.

Industry Solutions and Services

we integrate and innovate the network, security, portals, application support, as well as operation and maintenance to provide government, finance, energy, metallurgy, media and other industries   customized solutions and related services.

Typical solutions:

Integrated emergency platform

Information sharing platform

Leadership decision-making information service platform

Minimum living security information systems

Core banking information systems

Financial sector capital clearing

Information exchange systems,

Real-time information system of electric power production,

Copper smelting optimizing flash furnace control systems.

IT Infrastructure Services

We provide planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and other services for intelligent building, next-generation data center, room, security, conferencing systems in governments, finance institutes, operators, large enterprises and business communities. Typical solutions:

Smart building services engineering general contracting,

Command and control center building

Next-generation data center construction,

Integrated intelligent building management systems,

Digital announcement system

Card management systems

Video surveillance system

Video conference system

Integrated security system,

Intelligent building system maintenance.

IT value-added products and services

We unit domestic and foreign partners to integrate product resources and provide products, customers consulting, sales,custom development, system maintenance, performance optimization and other value added services related to the platform-level software products, host systems, networks, storage systems and other information products.

Typical solution:

Oracle Database value-added services

Third-party ERP software consulting and implementation services HP/IBM/Huawei/CISCO server host system of value-added services ARUBA products and other wireless value-added services SIEMON cabling products and other value-added services Disaster recovery and storage devices and other value-added services

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